What is ROV Scout?

ROV scout is a competition for kids between 8-12 years old, aiming at teaching kids technology basics, creativity, teamwork and cooperation skills by helping them to design a simple robot which could dive underwater and do simple missions

How can we teach a kid to design a robot?

We're helping the kids to design a robot through a kit which includes the robot components and using it in the competition, the kids are divided into teams with the same age and competing with each other on an Arab countries scale

About the competition

After competiting in the Arab region the winning teams will be included in a unique adventure at Port of Long Beach, California and attend the final of the competition for Explorer class (University students).

SCOUT teams participate in regional competitions ONLY. 

For information about this year's SCOUT class missions, please check last year’s Scouts manual.

Do you have students with age from 8-12 years old experienced with robotics and interested in competing in the scouts class? Register now!

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