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The Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center is a national partnership of educational institutions and organizations working to improve marine technical education and to meet the workplace needs of marine-related workforce and employers. Headquartered at Monterey Peninsula College in USA, the MATE Center is one of eleven Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Centers established with funding from the National Science Foundation's ATE Program. 

The MATE Center's mission is to help prepare future workforce for ocean-related occupations. The MATE Center utilizes information from employers to improve and develop educational programs with a focus on marine technology. The Center focuses on community college education and the creation of strong links between community colleges and high schools, technical schools, research institutions, and industry, government, military, and labor organizations.

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The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) Established as a regional institute for maritime transport started as a notion in the Arab League Transport Committee's meetings on 11th of March 1970.

The AASTMT is promoting the Arab countries capability building by enhancing the development of administrative skills in areas that serve development issues and transferring and localizing advanced technology. The maritime transport – that is deemed the AASTMT’s major activity – as one of the tasks carried out by the AASTMT through qualifying and training those working in the Arab maritime transport sector as well as areas related to maritime safety, maritime environment protection and promoting maritime and river navigation in the Arab region.

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