What is ROV ?

What IS ROV ?!

ROV, or Remotely Operated Vehicle, is a tethered underwater robot used for many purposes across many industries that operate underwater. ROVs can perform many specialized tasks in industries such as oil and gas, commercial shipping, salvage, ship husbandry, potable water, ocean engineering, video production, scientific research and others


ROV Competition is an international Competition organized from 2002 by MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) Center in USA and organized in Egypt and Arab region from 2012 by Hadath Company and AASTMT. The Arabian winners are qualified to compete in the international competition. Teams compete in design and building ROV can achieve under water mission. This mission is put by MATE as a model of a real mission and changed every year.

The MATE Center coordinates an international student underwater robotics ROV competition and a network of 21 regional ROV contests that take place across U.S. and in Canada, Hong Kong, Scotland, Russia, Japan and Egypt. Student teams from upper elementary, middle schools, high schools, home schools, community colleges, universities, and community organizations can participate. The competition consists of three different "classes" that vary depending on the sophistication of the ROVs and the mission requirements.